Wander's Wonders 



From oversized epoxy dice, to exotic hardwood D6's, we offer a variety of click clack rocks in different styles/sizes/and materials!

Handmade Wooden Mallets

If you need to whack something, we've got you covered with our selection of handmade wooden mallets.

Great for bonking, booping, bashing, and most definitely whacking!

Custom Dice Boxes

Do you need something to contain your click clack rocks as you wield them to shape destiny?

We can help with our custom made dice boxes! 

Charcuterie Boards

When you're cooking up worlds with your friends, you simply gotta snack! Serve up your tabletop hor d'oeuvres on our hand shaped Charcuterie boards.

Bottle openers

Things at your game night getting a little dry? Pop some tops with your very own "Drinkin' Buddy" bottle opener!